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The cats (I live with four felines, two of which are mine,) are on a diet. Holy hell, do cats get clingly when they want more food! I never felt like we were too crowded before, but now when I walk out of my bedroom, I trip over four fluffy, purring kitties all trying to rub against my legs. You'd think they were being starved, but they're simply having their food measured these days, rather than free feeding. I suspect it's partly psychological - they like always having food in the dish, even if it's for "later".

This is "Cheeseburger", the tubbiest. Her real name is actually Cassie, but her nickname is well earned, even if you can't see her rotund body in this pic.

This is Theo, he's actually a good weight. He get's extra treats when the other kitties aren't looking!

Work is good, but I don't have to like the schedule
Oh noes, I work the closing shift tonight and I'll miss Criminal Minds. Thank goodness for the magic of internet torrents! Except I will have to winnow out some space on my hard drive before I can add even one more episode of video.

And now, off to make a pitiable wage for 8 hours...oh retail, one day I will snap, I'm certain.

New Criminal Minds, yaaaaaay!
Emily Prentiss, FBI
This so wasn't me last fall when CM premiere. I have my squee back.

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Numb fingers
Just as a preface: I'm a naturally paranoid person. I always suspect everyone and the universe (especially the universe) is out to get me.

So a few days ago I'm woken up in the middle of the nights by pain/burning/tingling in my left thumb, adjacent fingers and palm. I figure, I slept on it funny, give it a shake and change my sleeping position. Now, 3 days later. Still numb. No longer painful (yay!) but totally numb, like when the dentist numbs your mouth to do a root canal, except it won't go away.

My paranoia manifest itself as "oh shit, it could multiple sclerosis" because I have several family members who have MS and I had some funky neuropathy in my face a few years ago that disappeared as mysteriously as it arrived. Then I think to myself, no, no calm down. It's probably just carpel tunnel or an isolated grumpy nerve or something.

Then on CBC news I read this: www.cbc.ca/news/health/story/2011/08/11/multiple-sclerosis-genetics.html Genetic links? Hereditary???

So I've been quietly FREAKING OUT. It's a little early to be pestering a doctor, I think. Mostly I want it to just go away then I'll pretend it didn't happen. I was going to talk about it with my mom, but then I found out she's swamped with a whole bunch of other craziness right now and she doesn't need any more worries, especially if it's just a false alarm. So for my sanity I decided to write about it in case a few strangers decided to give this post a read...

Lauren - A fanmix
emily prentiss

Somewhere, A Clock is Ticking - Snow Patrol

Disarm - The Smashing Pumpkins

Ice - Sarah McLaughlin

Libera Me - Faure's Requiem

Adieu Mon Coeur - Martha Wainwright

Zombies - The Cranberries

Don't Give Up - Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel

Edit - Regina Spector

A Day in My Life, the Sequel
This is my second ADIML. I'm a university student in Vancouver, Canada, and this post follows Sunday, February 6th as I go to Granville Island, study and play with my kitties!

45 Pictures total.

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My Favorite Fictional Women & Girls From When I Was a Kid

These are the women and girls who filled my imagination during the late 80's and 90's. Hope you enjoy!

For the sake a brevity, I arbitrarily ommited any animal characters.

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A feline on Friday

Kitty! This is the snow leopard (Uncia uncia), a central Asian mountain cat. Why does virtually every species in the family felidae litteraly take my breath away?

See http://www.snowleopard.org/ and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uncia_uncia for more about the snow leopard.

My very first ADIML -Errands, Work, and Airplanes (Dec 20, 2010)
Hi all! This is my 1st ADIML post. I'm a 4th year undergraduate in Vancouver, BC. This is for Dec. 20, 2010, in which I run errands, pack, work at my part time job as a pet store clerk, and then catch a flight to Edmonton for Christmas holidays. Enjoy!

33 photos total.

Buses, cats, dogs, more cats, trains, and airplanes too! A very busy December 20th.Collapse )

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Well, this is my life in a nutshell.


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