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New Criminal Minds, yaaaaaay!
Emily Prentiss, FBI
This so wasn't me last fall when CM premiere. I have my squee back.

The wonderful:
-Emily and JJ are back, and they had scenes together and dialogue and implied events together during the last 7 months....
-Reid is expressing his anger and hurt as snark. I approve, though I'm very concerned about him.
-Hotch looks SO GOOD with a beard. I was very sad to see it go.
-We got to see Declan and how Emily's work all went towards something (even if this whole thing with his mother and Doyle is now going to traumatize him.)
- Doyle, I was disappointed to see him go, but what a death scene it was! I may have teared up a little for both Declan and Emily, because no matter how aweful and man he was, they both couln't help but love him.
- JJ is exploring a broader career in profiling now, and I think that it will turn out for the best. I don't see it eliminating her former skills or roles, but rather giving her additional flexibility to fill in various roles as needed. And I really got the impression a lot has happened to JJ in the last year. That brief moment she mentioned Will? AJ's delivering seemed to imply all is not well...

The bad:
(And shallow) Emily's yellow shirt. It was ugly, and she almost never dresses ugly. :(

Also, now that amichevole has pointed it out, I can't unsee that Garcia and Prentiss don't talk about Sergio for a full 2 weeks after Emily's return. Wouldn't that be one of the top subjects to address, after catching the bad guy? Or perhaps that's the crazy cat lady priorities in me.

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I actually liked Emily's shirt. XD

Reid was a total badass last night. As someone who watches him like a mother hen, I'm not that concerned yet. Supposedly his shit is supposed to come out in next week's ep. They didn't have enough time this week I guess. My friend and I agreed though that we were NOT seeing cold shoulder body language from him... I definitely felt it from Morgan, but not Reid.

But I'm so glad the team is back together. MY SHOW IS BAAACK!

Oh yeah, im not getting cold shoulder vibes at all from Reid. He is internalizing everything and I predict a coming breaking point. Im so glad we're going to get more of his story next week.

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