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The cats (I live with four felines, two of which are mine,) are on a diet. Holy hell, do cats get clingly when they want more food! I never felt like we were too crowded before, but now when I walk out of my bedroom, I trip over four fluffy, purring kitties all trying to rub against my legs. You'd think they were being starved, but they're simply having their food measured these days, rather than free feeding. I suspect it's partly psychological - they like always having food in the dish, even if it's for "later".

This is "Cheeseburger", the tubbiest. Her real name is actually Cassie, but her nickname is well earned, even if you can't see her rotund body in this pic.

This is Theo, he's actually a good weight. He get's extra treats when the other kitties aren't looking!


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