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My very first ADIML -Errands, Work, and Airplanes (Dec 20, 2010)
Hi all! This is my 1st ADIML post. I'm a 4th year undergraduate in Vancouver, BC. This is for Dec. 20, 2010, in which I run errands, pack, work at my part time job as a pet store clerk, and then catch a flight to Edmonton for Christmas holidays. Enjoy!

33 photos total.

Up early, even on my first day of vacation. Too much to do!

I only got to sleep in for a half an hour. So early...

A quick breakfast....

...and on to my enormous to do list. I need to begin work at noon, and then rush off to the airport for a fligh at 8:30 PM.

I begin (yes, only begin) packing. Theo tries to help, and I very badly want to pack him too. I will be away from my kitty for 10 days, the longest separation yet!

Theo naps while I work.

After a trip to Starbucks, I catch a bus up the mountain to the University. I need to return library books and go to the bookstore, where I will buy my sister's Christmas present. The bus is eeriely empty between semesters. Usually, it's standing room only.

Ghost campus! I return the books and buy the present.

Down the mountain, back to the real world.

My sister's gift, fancy/adorable stationary. She's beginning university this semester.

It's now 10:30 and I'm running out of time! AHHHHHHH! Packing! Theo "helps" but he is slowing me down. I eventually have to lock him out of my bedroom.

I finally finish packing and rush off to work with my luggage in tow. I'm only ten minutes late for work, and Elmo, the store cat greets me as I arrive.

Our pet store collaborates with a local shelter to help find homes for stray animals. I get to meet one of our new fosters, wiggly and playful "Gelato". BTW, if you live in metro Vancouver and want to adopt a cat, he's still looking for a home.

During a spare moment between customers, I play with Gelato's brother, Biscotti. He and I bond, and I want to take him home (as I do with all the cats we bring in.)

One of the customers brings in his dog, who is absolutely gorgeous. I ask to take his photo.

Another happy canine customer, after she gets a treat.

There are very few customers towards the end of my shift, so I play with the cats. This is Gelato, chasing some string just out of frame.

Biscotti helps catch that dastardly string.

Nomnomnom. Biscotti is also still looking for adoption.

I finish my shift, catch a bus (then a train) to the airport. I haven't been to YVR since the renovations were completed for the Olmpics. Here is some of the art along the way to the domestic terminal.

More art, this time after dropping off my checked luggage.

At this point, it's 7PM and I'm STARVING. I haven't eaten since noon. I get some suspect looking chinese food. It's as awful tasting as it looks.

Takeoff! We leave on schedule.

Bye Vancouver!

I couldn't resist. I love flying, so I take a million photos.

Several hours later, I'm on a lay-over in Calgary. All the stores are closed, and all I have to do is stare at this creepy poster. My next flight is delayed, grrrr.

We finally board (all 8 people) onto a little plane. Not the smallest I've ever been on, but pretty close.

The Chinese food was an eternity ago, and I'm hungry and thirsty. AIr Canada decides a 3 hour delay can be fixed by cornchips and a little cup of apple juice. Ah well, good enough.

We finally land in Edmonton. That half circle blur is a propeller, the same one that shock the plane for the entire flight.

Sleepy mom picks me up, and I head for the guest room.

Water for my thirst! It's the simple things....

3 AM mountain time, and I'm soooo ready for bed.

I wash my face, brush my teeth and set my alarm. Yes, another early-ish start, because if I sleep in until noon, I'll be messed up for all of Christmas. So 9 AM wake up it is. But first, sleep.


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