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Numb fingers
Just as a preface: I'm a naturally paranoid person. I always suspect everyone and the universe (especially the universe) is out to get me.

So a few days ago I'm woken up in the middle of the nights by pain/burning/tingling in my left thumb, adjacent fingers and palm. I figure, I slept on it funny, give it a shake and change my sleeping position. Now, 3 days later. Still numb. No longer painful (yay!) but totally numb, like when the dentist numbs your mouth to do a root canal, except it won't go away.

My paranoia manifest itself as "oh shit, it could multiple sclerosis" because I have several family members who have MS and I had some funky neuropathy in my face a few years ago that disappeared as mysteriously as it arrived. Then I think to myself, no, no calm down. It's probably just carpel tunnel or an isolated grumpy nerve or something.

Then on CBC news I read this: Genetic links? Hereditary???

So I've been quietly FREAKING OUT. It's a little early to be pestering a doctor, I think. Mostly I want it to just go away then I'll pretend it didn't happen. I was going to talk about it with my mom, but then I found out she's swamped with a whole bunch of other craziness right now and she doesn't need any more worries, especially if it's just a false alarm. So for my sanity I decided to write about it in case a few strangers decided to give this post a read...


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